Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Revelation of religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Revelation of religion - Essay Example The Ten Commandments, in particular, were written to govern and facilitate good relationships among men, as well as between God and mankind. For instance, Commandments such as ‘Thou shall not kill’, and ‘Thou shall not steal’ were directed to man, whereas a Commandment such as ‘Thou shall not worship any other God other than me’ was meant to govern mankind’s relationship with his true God. As a Muslim, even though I know that Christianity and Islam have different beliefs, I understand that some practices and beliefs taught in Christian doctrines, for instance, are profound and aid in the wellbeing of human kind. I believe it is wrong to steal since that is what Islam has taught (Aquinas, 282). I believe just as other religions and my religion as well believe in something as well as live for that belief that a holy being is in control of our lives and everything else around us, so do the new religions. Besides, as long as their existence i s truly grounded on making the best for mankind and imparting the right and appropriate beliefs, I believe that they should be given the chance and the recognition they deserve in the world (Aquinas, 282). 3) I have heard of religious myths such as the Judeo-Christian myth. Historically and theologically, it is believed that Judeo-Christian tradition does not exist. Rather it is a secular-myth favored by persons who are not believers. I think the modern articulation of 'Judeo-Christian' is a fault that has changed the path of universal-history by the misunderstanding it has seeded in men's thoughts, if through it a person is destined to apprehend the Jewish basis of Christianity. Therefore, if the expression 'Judeo-Christian' does not connect a common beginning, it is undoubtedly a very dangerous... Right from the beginning of the essay we see that Islam has taught how to respond to heart's emotions such as anger, love, lust and happiness. It has taught how to react to an enemy or how to come to a resolution towards an argument with a friend. It has taught to care for the needy, to contribute to community and to fight for equality and justice. Islam has taught to be a better person, not to just follow my religion but believe and love it. Then the essay focuses on the factors that have made the writer look over different religions and learning those religions. The paper describes the writer's learning about the laws of Torah and the Bible. They teach you to accept new religions because, in general, religions are fascinating natural world wonders. The Ten Commandments, in particular, were written to govern and facilitate good relationships among men, as well as between God and mankind. The paper describes the writer's learning about the Judeo-Christian myth. Judeo-Christian tradit ion is grounded on a contradiction in abjection that has established the course of history at the wrong way. It connects within one breath two ideas that are completely incompatible. Next goes the numerous people, who completely misinterpret the expression ‘religion. The actual meaning of religion is to feel that condition of being tied or connected to the God – to our beginnings as well as our Infinity. In conclusion, we see a wrap up of all the religious positions that have been spoken about in the essay, going through the arguments in the essay.

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