Thursday, September 12, 2019

Political science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Political science - Essay Example In such a way, the following analysis will seek to provide something of a discussion and analysis of the more pertinent issues and relevant tidbits of information that were presented within the documentary entitled â€Å"The Murder of Emmett Till†. Furthermore, an analysis and discussion with regards to whether or not this particular topic and/or part of history should be taught in high school will also be engaged. Firstly, as has been stated, the most relevant hardship is with regards to seeking to understand how any society could not only access the murder of innocent black teen but also find no wrongdoing with regards to those acquitted of this horrific and brutal murder is nearly incomprehensible. Naturally, the documentary itself goes into a great deal of death concerning the racial prejudice, bigotry, and hatred that existed at that time. However, notwithstanding this, such a brazen defiance of morality and the criminal justice system still does not help the reader to ga in an understanding of how such a crime could have taken place and gone completely and entirely unpunished; even in an era of horrific racial prejudice and a biased justice system. ... Rather, the most obvious reason for why such an equal place was due to the fact that the jury was sympathetic to the overtly racist and bigoted interpretations of a Mississippi that still viewed the Civil War as the greatest loss to the white race and to the way of life that they experience even within their own time. An interesting compliments that helps to prove the fact that this wasn’t be what we would label a â€Å"hate crime† within the current era is the fact that Emmett was thrown into the river with a cotton gin tied around his neck. More than merely having a crime of passion dictate that the child was murdered by an obsessive and jealous husband, the nature of the fact that Emmett was viewed as overstepping the racial boundaries that he should have been observing was directly denoted in the fact that a machine for separating cotton from the scenes was used to sink his lifeless body in a local river. This was not done merely out of convenience; instead, it was done as a statement to the fact that as a young African-American, this place was working in the fields under the supervision and direction of whites. With regards to answer the question of whether or not this is a relevant topic and should be taught within high schools, it is the firm belief of this author that it is the most relevant topics and at least cases similar to this should most certainly be discussed. The ultimate reason underlying this is the fact that even though this particular case is only one within a great multitude of cases that represent horrific and abject racism within a deep South, it nonetheless helps to take a picture why racial relations within the United States has continued to be such a dominant theme since the time of the end of

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