Friday, September 27, 2019

Amazon Utilizes a Unique Method in Delivering Books to Consumers, This Research Paper

Amazon Utilizes a Unique Method in Delivering Books to Consumers, This Network Is Called Whispernet - Research Paper Example E-commerce has profoundly altered the mode through which people used to traditionally buy goods and/or services as well as conduct business activities. The major markets of e-commerce can be identified as United States, United Kingdom and Japan in the current scenario. In the e-commerce segment, Amazon faces competition from several players. In North American region, the major players of e-commerce apart from Amazon are Apple, Wal-Mart and Sears, while in Latin America,,, Mercado Livre, and UOL play a dominating role among other e-retailers. In European region, the major players are eBay,, and among other websites. Similarly, in Asian region the major e-commerce players are, and among other websites. As these websites also operate in similar segment, they tend to act as major competitors for Amazon (yStats, â€Å"Global B2C E-Commerce Players Report 2011†). Irrespective of sever al competitors in the e-commerce sector, Amazon has shown significant growth in terms of its business and revenue. Thesis Statement The paper aims to develop an unambiguous understanding towards the impact of e-commerce over the business functions of Amazon. The paper describes how Amazon has utilized e-commerce in several aspects of business in order to gain higher revenue. The paper also describes the strategies used by Amazon analysing the telecommunication approaches used by the company. Company Characteristics Historically, Amazon has tangled itself strictly with e-commerce trends and was successful in developing its business functions from mere book selling to an e-retailing company. By recognising the growth trend of internet, Amazon had commenced offering ‘virtual bookstore’ facilities providing opportunities to buyers to view books along with reviews before purchasing. Amazon commenced its operations online in 1997 with a vision to retail books with low-cost co mpared to other traditional book retailers. In 1998, Amazon expounded the product line from books to other items to strengthen its position in e-commerce (Pearson Education, â€Å"Introduction to E-commerce†). The mission of Amazon is to emerge as a customer oriented company and attain the leadership position in the online retailing market. Amazon’s objective is to satisfy the requirement and desire of customers in e-commerce segment. It is the goal of the organisation to increase the efficiency and productivity of business and turn into a preferable website for online shopping of books along with other products. Organizational Structure Presently, Amazon follows the virtual organisational structure which is a modern form of business introduced in the 21st century. As a virtual organization, Amazon possesses a widespread geologically dispersed work culture, empowered by innovative telecommunication

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