Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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recent changes in federal governmental priorities have seen a reduction in financial support for parents who use childcare. This is occuring at a time when there is incerasing social and financial pressure on parents, particularly mothers, to work. The issue of childcare and working mothers has been the subject of dispute for some time. many argue that the best place for children is always in their own homes with their own parents. However, it is my contention that there are many advantages to be bad from using childcare and the government should provide more financial assistance who do so. Ã ½t has been argued that children who attend childcare centres at an early age miss out an important earlylearning that occurs in parent-child interaction.these children, so this argument goes,may be educationally disadvantaged later in life. however,childcare centres may actually assist children in their early learning. they give children an opprtunity to mix with others and to develop social skills at an early age. Ã ½ndeed, a whole range of learning occurs in childcare centres. another argument against the use of childcare facilities is that children can be emotionally deprieved in these facilities compared to the home. this argument assumes that the best place for children is to be at their parents, especially mothers side for twnty-four hours a day. it claims that childrens emotional development can be damaged when they are left in childcare facilities. However parents and children need to spend some time apart.children became less dependent on their parentsand parents themselves are less stressed and more effective care-givers when there are peiods of seperation. Ã ½t could be further be asserted that the government and the economy as a whole cannot afford the enormous cost involved in supporting childcare for working parents.

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