Monday, September 23, 2019

Employee Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 3

Employee Relations - Essay Example internal environment & external environment. SWOT stands for S - Strength, W - Weaknesses, O - Opportunities, T - Threats and the analysis done through these four segments and is popularly known as SWOT Analysis. It helps in knowing the firms capabilities in the competitive environment in which it operates. The following diagram shows SWOT Analysis framework. The Trust employed around 1,000 staff in its Operations Supportive departments, which provides the technical, operational & professional and staff workers for the services like security, cleaning, maintaining the estate, managing the car-parking and also catering.  Ã‚   Unions’ rates up to 60%, having a membership of Unison, GMB, and TGWU represents the crafts work and skills of the employees.  Unions’ relation is good, along with 2 monthly meetings between the management and unions forms into a multi-union forum.   In the hospital, management teams have developed communication policy, this results in improving  in the feedback of staff through attitude surveys because of the relation with the top management. It is stated that the management will provide information to the staff about the changes which are going to prevail and what the reasons for such changes. Around 60% of the employees are stable in the job for more than 8 years. The groups work in an independent manner from each other and even from the organizations itself. In an effective way of management, the workers are developing demarcation and differentiating factors and their representatives of union are changing. There are issues regarding the delegatory, communicating, team-building, and employee empowerment  from the low to middle level of the members.   Those issues are subjected to be heated discussions among managers, union representatives and workers, particularly the changes which are â€Å"pushed†Ã‚  than negotiated.   There is a bad tendency of some supervisors and middle level managers to remove few

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