Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Imaginative It is strange how things can change in short a period of time. It was only two years ago that Philip Morris was a dwindling tobacco company millions of dollars in debt. The stock market was facing a rapid decline in value. Stocks plummeted sharply in all areas. Like every other business in the country, Phillip Morris was at its lowest phase. Massive layoffs as well as severe cutbacks haunted the executives. After the stock value of Phillip Morris shares plummeted, the company’s chief stockholders were selling their stakes at pennies on the dollar. I took this desperate time to finally realize a dream I have had for years. I had amassed a large wealth from previous investments and projects. Reverting a public company with millions of shareholders into a private enterprise would be the most difficult task I would ever accomplish. I was able to deal with the major stockholders to purchase a vast majority of the company, about 75%. After several company shareholder meetings, I determined to revert the company to a private business, and I worked out a buyout for all remaining stockholders. Of course this also was made cheap due to the failing economy. Phillip Morris made cigarettes, Miller beer, Kraft products, and leveraged and directed finance leases. I planned on playing with the public’s emotions on â€Å"Big Tobacco Companies† in helping me with my plan. As soon as the previously great Phillip Morris was sold to me, we ceased production of the once lucrative cigarette portion of our portfolio. This became a great media exposure. We sold the concept of becoming a healthy family business concerned with the welfare of the public. This company now owes a great deal to the slithering lobbyists who helped make what Phillip Morris once was. If it weren’t for the lobbyists, I would still be obligated to comply with the court judgments for the idiots who became ill due to smoking related diseases. Those people did not even deserve the money they were rewarded. How could someone not know that cigarettes caused cancer, emphysema, or impotence, among other illnesses? I was glad the lobbyist were able to stop anyone searching for damages due to smoking, and all it cost me was dissolving the cigarette section of the company. I now know that if I pay a lobbyist enough, they can get a Senator to do anything I want.

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