Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What Ministerial Ordination Means to Me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

What Ministerial Ordination Means to Me - Essay Example Everyone can access it but not everyone chooses to focus on it, or emphasizes it in daily living or honours it first. Being ordained means that I do. Those who do not understand have challenged me with the charge that being non-denominational means practicing a hodge podge of bits and pieces that do not come down from a direct scriptural lineage. In my ministry, I practice Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), which involves releasing the energy patterns from the past, which limit one’s capacity for power and joy. The outcome of this healing modality is that the person becomes empowered and balanced. In order to do this work, I too must allow any energy patterns from the past to be released, so that I too empowered and balanced. Only from this place can I help others. I make myself available for communication with angels. I make use of the violet energy ray, with the help of healing angels, to work directly with the client’s 12 strand DNA. ... Energy flows through me and is accepted by the client, applied to wherever it is needed. My intention is only to make my body and spirit available for this energy to flow through, without obstruction. Being ordained is a marking of this understanding that it is not me, not my agenda, not my power, but is universal energy moving though me. Being ordained is a declaration of availability. Being ordained means keeping myself in a positive energetic space, as much as possible, so that I can model and invite positive influence for the benefit of my clients. It means that I consistently think about what is good and beneficial, because the Law of Attraction teaches that like attracts like. Focusing on dark thoughts will invite darkness, but focusing on positive thoughts invites the Light. I have heard the opinion expressed that a minister is called by God, that being ordained is an affirmative reply to that call. To me, being ordained is a seal on my commitment to myself, the channeling of cosmic energy and to my community. It is a formal answer to the cosmic call I have heard with my deepest being. This call is an invitation to take on responsibility to organize my life ministry, to serve others, to provide an example of living in which every act is sacred. I am human and therefore I have ignorance, jealousy, vanity, insecurity, fear, greed, and other obstructions of the Light. How can I lead? I am, at the same time, blessed with compassion, empathy, an open heart, appreciation, the sight of miracles, and other gifts that promote contact with the Light. Through grace, I reach for Light, and I help others who long for it, as I do. But what is my tradition and what are its boundaries? Ordination means being connected to a

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