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Leading and motvating the team Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Leading and motvating the team - Essay Example One of the key aspects of a strategy is that it aims at achieving advantages within the changing environment with an aim of fulfilling the expectations of the shareholders. In Peytons General Supplies, our vision is to â€Å"be the leader in provision of maximum security in working places†. While our vision is â€Å"improving safety in the work place in order to make our economy grow by providing quality safety equipments†. In order for a team to be productive, it is vital for leaders to advocate for spirit of cooperation which entails a united team that works together towards achieving its goals. Three major aspects that indicate a harmonious and a team in good relationship are a sense of shared purpose, a belief in shared objectives and being committed to a group (Baumeister and Vohs, 2004). One of the major implications of a common sense of purpose in a group is that it enables the team members to be united. Additionally, it enables the members of the team to have a knowhow on the operations of their teams including the effects of their own contributions to the team. Through the unity that is brought about by a common purpose, the team members in Peytons General Supplies work towards attaining the mission and the vision of the organization. Failure to having a common purpose would lead to each employee working towards his or her own goal. Role of communication in establishing a common sense of purpose Within an organization, clear communication between the leaders and other members of the team is a major aspect that cannot be overlooked. Good leaders must be good communicators. One of the major merits of communication is that it leads to the development of a well-committed workforce that is aware of the goals and values of its organisation. A key aspect that characterizes a communication system is the source. As a team leader, one should be clear about what he or she is communicating and what they want to communicate. The second aspect that sho uld be adopted during communication is encoding. This means that in order to have a good communication, it is imperative to ensure that the information being transferred is in the correct form and the receivers are able to decode it and understand it in an easy way. Similarly, leaders who are focused at creating a sense of purpose among their followers should adopt effective channels of communication. Some of the notable channels that organizations use include face-to-face meetings, emails, memos, telephone and videoconferencing among others. Decoding is equally important to encoding. Decoding entails properly reading of the messages sent by the sender. Thus it is imperative for the receivers to have good communication skills in order to avoid making an error while decoding the message. It is also crucial for leaders to consider the receiver of their messages. During the communication process, each individual reacts in a different way that affects his or her understanding of the mes sages from the leaders. Thus, a good leader must consider the reactions or actions of his team members and act in an appropriate manner. Effectiveness of my communication skills On the basis of initiating a good communication in a team work, I am able to oversee a communication system that is all inclusive. First, I usually plan my communication. This entails understanding the objectives of my communication, understanding my audience and providing an opportunity through which

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