Thursday, October 17, 2019

FORMAL LETTERS AND REPORTS Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

FORMAL LETTERS AND REPORTS - Assignment Example Elsie Chan agreed with the report on the factor that there is a communication breakdown between some health professionals and their patients. Elsie agreed that some doctors judge patients based on past experiences of similar illnesses and on such basis may lose a point as all patients must be examined individually. The doctors failed to fully understand the patients problems as the patients were not given time to express themselves. Logan advocated for awareness to be created for all health professionals to examine patients individually and consider each situation on its own. Marion Hale considered the point of discrimination of patients to be totally unethical and that doctors should embrace the spirit of responsibility to their patients. Marion advocated for a separate office to be created in all hospitals to report cases of discrimination by doctors or nurses and the respective hospital management to reprimand such doctors accordingly. Kelly Mitchell seconded this idea. Mark Ryan advocated that all doctors should be reminded of their code of conduct and ethics which they vowed to follow when they graduated. Ryan proposed that these values be printed and posted in various sections of hospitals to remind them regularly. Nick Yanes raised concerns that patients too had a role to play in the whole scenario. He advocated for patients to be sensitized on the importance of them giving adequate information to doctors as this will help doctors assess them accordingly. Mitchell Jones advocated for strengthening of the counseling department in hospitals to assist those patients that are emotionally despaired due to their illnesses and not willing to

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