Saturday, October 5, 2019

Veganism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Veganism - Essay Example People like puppies, so they keep them in their laps, but would often forget to put them in the shelter when it’s raining out there. People who keep donkeys to use them as a means to travel and transport luggage over the cartridges beat them with lashes to make them run faster. So many animals are treated this way including horses, donkeys, ponies, and camels. People keep the dog for their safety, but when some dog catches a disease, he is shot dead! All life long, dogs bark at the outsiders for the protection of their masters, and the masters kill them when the dogs become useless. These are all cases of direct and overt subjugation of animals’ rights. Humans have also caused great loss to animals through their environment-unfriendly activities. Thousands of species of animals have become extinct as a result of the ever-increasing global warming. Humans happen to be the fundamental cause of this rise in temperature that has spoiled the natural habitat of thousands of a nimals. An in-depth analysis of the kind of treatment humans have given to the animals suggests that humans have largely been unfair to the animals and have always suppressed them. Animals are as much part of nature as are humans and they are as much creation of God as are humans. In light of these facts, it is a moral obligation upon every human being to take care of the animals. I have decided to become a vegan. This would enable me to take objective measures to protect the animals and provide them with a healthy and safe environment to live in.

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