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Research Project Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Project - Research Paper Example This psychological and emotional distance between the young and elderly population has created many problems on personal and social level, which can threaten the psychological, emotional and the physical health of the family structure and the society as a whole. Introduction Old age is a graceful phase of life as it makes people free from most of their responsibilities in life, and gives them a feeling of fulfillment, contentment and freedom. It also provides them with leisure, and opportunity to undertake those things that they were not able to do in their youth due to professional and personal responsibilities. However, instead of enjoying their old age in leisure and relaxation, elderly people are being indirectly forced to feel that they have made a mistake by becoming ‘old’. The reason behind elderly people feeling ‘unwanted’ and ‘worthless’ is the prejudice and the discrimination with which they are being treated in the society. Sadly, it is the Western society where elderly people experience major problems. In the United States, the negative attitude and misconception about the old age has resulted in elderly people experiencing disadvantage in their personal and social life (Macioni, 2009, p.396). ... o understand that the negative treatment of elderly people is not only destroying the life of elderly people on individual level, but is also destroying the health of the society as a whole (Andersen & Taylor, 2008, p. 363). Society cannot afford its elderly population to be depressed and psychologically weak as the sociology of age reveals that age composition is essential for a healthy society as the solution of social problems depends on â€Å"how well social institutions serve different generations of people† (Andersen & Taylor, 2008, p. 363). Moreover, due to their experience and wisdom gained from life, elderly people have lot to contribute to the society. Hence, it is high time for people to understand that for the formation of a healthy society, it is important to give respect and positive treatment to the elderly people, as they not only comprise the largest age group of the society, but also deserve it for successfully fulfilling the responsibilities and facing the c hallenges of life. Ageism Ageism is a term used by sociologists to define the prejudice and discrimination practiced against elderly people due to their age (Andersen & Taylor, 2011, p. 93). Ageism has seeped in every aspect of the society and is not limited to a single attitude or belief towards the elderly people (Andersen & Taylor, 2011, p. 93). Elderly people are not able to take advantage of different sources and opportunities in social and professional life as they experience discrimination and prejudice in different areas of life (Andersen & Taylor, 2011, p. 93). People think that with growing age, the abilities of person are reduced. It is wrongly believed that elderly people are not capable of handling the responsibilities of adults as they are childlike and forgetful in nature (Andersen &

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