Thursday, November 21, 2019

Marijuana Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Marijuana - Essay Example It also indicates that a large percentage of the individuals are regular users of the drug. I intend to use the source to demonstrate marijuana’s benefits in controlling anxiety. Ejelonu, Akudo. â€Å"How Does Marijuana Affect the Brain?† Serendip. 01 October 2008. Web. 31 July 2012. The article reviews ways in which marijuana affects people’s mental capacity. The author illustrates both positive and negative effects of the drug, including Marijuana’s medicinal value but focuses attention on marijuana’s effect on people’s ability to recall and how the drug influence emotions. Some of the drug’s components, according to the article, for example impair coordination among neurons in the brain to weaken a person’s cognitive ability upon consumption of the drug. The article also identifies factors that drive people into using marijuana, and secondary effects of marijuana among college students. While it identifies stress as the main cause of usage, the article explains that the drug sends the students into a state of uncontrollable emotions. It also explains that the stimulating impacts of the drug are temporary and users are able to regain their sober status once the drug wears out of the body. I will apply the article in exploring the existing debate on marijuana. Hogan, Julianna, Gonzalez, Adam, Howell, Ashley, Miller, Marcel, and Zvolensky, Michael. â€Å"Pain-related Anxiety and Marijuana Use Motives: A pilot Test Among Active Marijuana- using Young Adults.† Cognitive Behavior Therapy. 39. 4. 238- 292, 2010. The article seeks to investigate anxiety that is caused by pain as a factor that influences the use of marijuana. Based on an experimental research, the article identifies a significant relationship and concludes that pain motivates people to use marijuana. I will use the article to illustrate medicinal benefits of marijuana. National Institute of Drug Abuse. â€Å"How Does Marijuana Use Affect School, Work and Social Life?† Research Reports: Marijuana Abuse. 2010. Web. 31 July 2012. P. 1 The article reports on the impacts of marijuana on people’s lives. Based on existing literature, it explains that intoxication from marijuana lasts for a longer duration that the user experiences its stimulating effect. It further explains that the drug negatively affects academic performance of students who relies on its use. Similarly, it leads to drop out from academic institutions and lower rates of income in people who heavily rely on it as compared to those who do not. The article also associates the drug with other negative social conditions. I will use this source to highlight reasons for illegalization calls. Nida for Teens. â€Å"What are the Long-term Health Effects of Marijuana Use?† Nida For Teens. 2012. Web. 29 July 2012. P. 1 With the article’s aim of discussing ‘long-term’ impacts of marijuana usage, it identifies a reduced mental c apacity to comprehend complexities and coordinate body parts besides increasing a person’s vulnerability to some genetic diseases. The article also identifies addiction as a health risk factor of marijuana besides increasing a user’s risk of developing respiratory complications. Similarly, the article reports possibility of drug’s usage leading to use of other drug as well as its use as a medicine. I plan to use the article to

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