Wednesday, August 7, 2019


USING CHEMICALS IN TERRORIST ATTACKS AND ON THE BATTLE FIELD - Coursework Example Since its inception in 2003 by the Congress, the Department of Homeland Security (in conjunction with The National Academies) has been instrumental in educating the masses and the media about various attacks associated with Bioterrorism. They have provided information concerning the characteristics, effects and dangers associated with Biochemical attacks. This information has gone through thorough evaluation process by experts at the National Academies to ensure that they are authentic. (Department of Homeland Security, 2003) Chemical attack fact sheet. With such information at their disposal, the general public can act without panic until professional help is sought. The reason why the Sarin Gas attack was catastrophic was because of panic and general confusion among people and professionals, making it easier for the terrorists to strike again resulting in more havoc. Since it is the public which is always targeted by these extremist groups, then it would make sense to educate them on how to respond to such a situation. Furthermore, there have been tremendous developments in the health sector to ensure that American citizens are catered for. There have been massive improvements in surveillance of diseases, storing of pharmaceuticals for emergencies and training of medical practitioners how to respond to such emergencies and how to identify the victims affected. (LM Davis, 2010) Are local health responders ready for biological and chemical terrorism? Despite these weapons being extremely dangerous, USA and the former USSR were busy stockpiling chemical weapons. During the First World War, Russia was shocked to learn that the US had atomic bombs that were far much superior to their armory; this prompted them to carry out extensive research in chemical warfare. As the tension between the two countries grew stronger, the US was forced to stockpile and manufacture as precautionary measure in case of an attack and also to outdo its opponent. The US and Russian

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