Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Timeline of Historical growth in Terms of Technological Advances Essay

Timeline of Historical growth in Terms of Technological Advances - Essay Example Based on this finding, they recommended the use of MRI technology in identifying chemical compounds (http://www.isbe.man.ac.uk) Damadian believed MRI technology to be a means of manipulating genetic characteristics of a living being. Nevertheless, empirical research is ongoing in order to validate this assumption (http://www.isbe.man.ac.uk). Clinical application of MRI initiated in US (http://www.isbe.man.ac.uk), which revolutionized the world of medicine through providing exclusive integrated knowledge of human physiology, thus assisting physicians in identifying the interdependencies of various human organs with each other. A famous medical equipment company purchased the MRI machine in order to initialize its mass production (Wehrum, 2011). Along with this a diagnostic method for Parkinson’s disease was perfected through integration of MRI (Seibyl, et al., 1997). A sub-dermal scanner through integration of CT and MRI technology was developed at Siemens (Wehrum, 2011), which offered detailed understanding of the interdependencies of various functions in human body. In this modern era of technology, importance of MRI is increasing as a treatment for skin diseases because conventional methods of treatment are reported to be causing significant epidermal damage. On the other hand, MRI technology is believed to be much more effective than traditional treatments. However, MRI also has some consequences for heart patients, because it influences their heart rate in a negative fashion, through causing their heartbeat’s rhythm to collapse. As a result, MRI is not recommended for cardiac patients except in extreme cases. This paper focused on analyzing the history of MRI scanning system in medical science. MRI blessed medicine with the strength to scrutinize internal condition of humans, which was considered absurd in the past. However, at that time, physicians resorted to external

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