Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Project Managent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Project Managent - Essay Example (Wordnet, 2008) Business Process Reengineering can be defined as a fundamental rethinking and redesign of business processes like marketing department, processing department, finance department and human resource department etc. so that the company can achieve improvements in cost, quality, speed and service of an organization (Wordnet, 2008). Business Process Reengineering is mostly called reengineering and does not mean just the automation or downsizing or even outsourcing. The organization has to keep one thing mind is that even tough the payback of reengineering is considered to be high, the risk of failure along with disruption level of the organization's environment increases. When BPR project is implemented within the organization the management has to remember one thing that it is not an easy task when implementing extreme changes within the business processes of the organization so that the efficiency and the effectiveness would increase. For example there are some organizations, which have gained impressive profits after conducting business process engineering but then again there are some organizations which have failed to achieve their objectives and targets or the improvement these companies sought to improve their business processes. With the help of BPR some employees or specialists from different departments come together to work as a team on product development process. WHY REENGINEERING / SELECTING BPR The organization needs to reengineer so that it can again focus on three things i.e. customers, competition and change. As we know that customers have changing needs and the company has to keep up with that is why reengineering is need. When it comes to competition the company has local as well as global competition. And to have a competitive advantage over its competitor the company has to conduct reengineering. And last but not least change, change would include technology and customer needs. With the help of business process reengineering with in an organization it changes the business processes, can focus on its end-users or customers or clients of the company's product. BPR helps with improving with cost, quality, speed and service of the company. It also introduces new and innovated products and services for the company's customers. And it also improves the efficiency and the effectiveness of the company's business processes. This process is flexible and rich in functionality and it is also process oriented. PEOPLE AFFECTED DUE TO BPR IN AN ORGANIZATION People who will mostly be affected by the business process reengineering would be the employees of the company. Because of BPR implementation with in the company it can damage the trust and the relationship b/w the employee and the employer. The employee would be thinking that due to BPR the employer would downsize and the employees would lose their jobs. Then another conflict can arise between the client of the BPR and the developers, i.e. whatever the client expects compared to what the correct action is. The companies who are planning to implement or do BPR should always make sure that it is sensitive ethically and socially responsible. People who would also be affected by the

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