Saturday, February 1, 2020

Nanotechnology Applications in Medicine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nanotechnology Applications in Medicine - Essay Example Atiyeh states â€Å"silver is a viable treatment option for burns and open wounds† (Atiyeh 139). The technology of nano medicines has blessed the human mankind with some exhilarating aptitudes and possibilities. Nanomedicines have made it possible to transform various techniques that were previously in the stage of imagination and testing to their actual usage in the present era. The technology involving utilization of nanoparticles in medication is at present under augmentation. However, long term prospects of research in this field suggest that the nano-robots can be used to make adjustments at cellular level in the human body. The advantages of nanotechnology in the discipline of medicine could refashion the fate of medicine by apprehending and medicating the human body in any kind of ailments related to various diseases. The bright future of nanotechnology also advocates that those techniques that were imagined a few years before are now making fortunate progress towards r ealism. Application of Nanomedicine in Drug Delivery One remarkable appositeness of nanotechnology in the field of medicine is the employment of nanoparticles to convey medicines, heat, light and various other type of materials to the disease causing cells for example cancer cells. These nanoparticles are manipulated in a way that they are lured towards diseased cells and then directly treat these cells. By this technique injuries to the healthy cells are reduced and disease is encountered much earlier as compared to other techniques. Nanoparticles that are involved in the allocation of chemotherapy drugs to the cancer cells are under the process of advancement. The consummation of Phase 1 Clinical Trial of the directly targeted chemotherapy annihilator drugs are communicated by some organizations like CytImmune and BIND Biosciences (Torchilin, 282). Although the tests are in progress but their approval for the ultimately final administration on cancer sufferers is still imminent. T he utilization of heat along with chemotherapy medicines to the cancerous cell is another alternate form of nanomedicine that is used to treat cancer patients. The remarkable technique involves usage of gold nanorods to which DNA strands are adhered. These DNA fibers serve as platform and grasp collectively together the gold nanorod along with the chemotherapy medicines. When the cancerous cells are irradiated with infrared light, these rods suck up the infrared light and convert it into heat energy. The warm temperature helps to liberate the drug and obliterate the cancer cells. Research is also being executed to develop a nanoparticle that is able to skirmish viruses. The nanoparticle does not itself consist of the ability to devastate viruses but it clement an enzyme that diable the reproductive mechanism of viruses in the patient’s body. Another investigation is being done on nanoparticles that can treat neurological disorders by releasing medicines through the brain barr ier. Increasing immune reactions by combining the vaccine particles to DNA nanoparticles is another practice on which explorations are going on. These special vaccine molecules mark the white blood cells directly and enhance their immune response many folds. Nanomedicine Application in Therapy Techniques The nanoparticles made up of polyethylene glycol-hydrophilic carbon clusters (PEG-HCC) have the ability to absorb free radicals at an elevated speed than the original free radicals

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