Thursday, February 13, 2020

Do Nurses' Empathy affect the outcome of care Literature review - 1

Do Nurses' Empathy affect the outcome of care - Literature review Example Empathy in a clinical environment involves an ability to communicate, understand and check the truth of the patients and get the feedback (Bloom, 2014). The need of empathy is to ensure that nurses are emotionally taking care to patients. It is believed that the best way for the practising empathy by the nurse periodically is to make contact with the patient’s situation. Nurses through empathy are able to understand the need of patients and their physical concern. However, this may not always be possible by the nurse practitioners because of some difficulties such as lack of understanding or low operating levels and time constraints. The important part of the empathy for the nurse profession is the operating level, lack of empathic services and burnout (Boyle, 2011). During my clinical practise, I have seen that empathy plays a vital role in the nursing profession. Empathy is to be regarded as the skill to see and value the need patients, their feelings and perception. Clinically, empathy plays a crucial role in understanding the perception of patients. This is a way to provide treatment to patients to ensure corrective health care. It is revealed that through empathy a strong relation amid patient and nurse is created, which helps in providing proper medication and treatment. Empathy is the skill to become sensible, aware, understand and be sensitive towards the others attitudes, behaviour and feeling (Canale, Louis, Maio, Wang, Rossi, Hojat, & Gonnella, 2012). Empathy is an intellectual situation where in the same sets of emotions are shared with the individual. Furthermore, it is also stated that the level of empathy felt by people can vary and can be determined by various factors such as the individual behaviour of the people (Cole-King, & G ilbert, 2011). I have also observed that personal communications within the technological advancement, society and shared experience is an important factor, which disturbs the level of empathy within the society and

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