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Obesity and Technology Essay

Obesity is a wide spread disease in the States that plagues sm every(prenominal) baby birdren, teenagers and adults. Obesity is a dear matter and could cause fatal ruin if it isnt taken flagitiously. Obesity lowlife affect the mind, corpse and spirit of a person and if you have low self-esteem it could potenti solelyy make the situation worse.Silverstone and Teatum (2011) state the followingAccording to the Mayo Clinic cater (n.d), childishness fleshiness is a in force(p) medical condition that affects children and adolescents. It occurs when a child is substantially above the normal heaviness for his or her age and height. Childhood corpulency is particularly troubling because the extra pounds a great deal start kids on the path to health problems mat were one time confined to adults, much(prenominal) as diabetes, full(prenominal) blood pressure, and senior high school cholesterol. Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolesce nts. Childhood obesity terminate withal lead to inadequate self-esteem and depression. ( engineering science The quarter of work Or the firmness To Childhood Obesity, para. 14)Many plurality can argue that there argon many former(a) occurrenceors that can lead to this much(prenominal) as inheritance, thyroid problems, consume disorders, psychogenic illnesses and many others. Studies show that while this schooling is correct that there are serene ways to overcome something like this.Silverstone and Teatum (2011) short touched upon this sayingAccording to the subject area Institute of Health (NIH) (obesity research.), Obesity has arise to epidemic levels in the U.S. It causes devastating and pricey health problems, reduces life expectancy, and is associated with stigma and discrimination. A multitude of factors contri exactlye to obesity, from inherent biologic traits that differ between individuals relevant to body weight to environmental and socioeconomic factors t o behavioral factors that may have both molecular(a) and environmental influences. (Technology The Problem Or the firmness of purpose To Childhood Obesity, para.10)Although some volume reckon that obesity is one of those diseases that are truly tough to cure, there is still a potential long term resolving power to rectify this situation. We can start by foc utilize on a coevals know as times Z includes children born between the years of 1990-2004. This extension of children is very important because they were born during a time where engineering science was hitting its peak. They are very technologically centered and approximately of them focus their daily routines around applied science. Silverstone and Teatum (2011) go on to explain the different qualities this generation exhibits for example*All their communication takes go forth on the internet.* They show very secondary verbal communication skills.* Most of ttieir formative years are being fagged on die World b road Web.* They are used to instant movement and satisfaction due to internet technology.* This generation has embraced technology and is also highly parasitic on it.* They are much incline to the virtual world and are little likely to take to extreme measures. (Technology The Problem Or the Solution To Childhood Obesity, para.10)This is all important because we can use the fact that they are technically inclined to induct them to exercise and have fun at the same time. A few maneuver companies have developed some systems and technologies to draw rein this idea. For example Nintendo Wii has a console known as the Wii Fit which is geared towards ecumenical fitness. It includes things like curtailging where you can jog on a path with a buddy, obstacle courses where you have to run and parachute over items and its gainously for your watch prise and even biking which is pretty truthful but still gets you going. Nintendo also offers yoga, rumba, and all the latest workout crazes to promote good health.I believe that this can be a start of something good for social club. pile of all ages can participate in these games and feel comfortable doing something they love with something thats good for them. Some people favour to use a different frolic console and that is perfectly fine because Playstation and Xbox also offer a variety of interactional games. One that has recently become frequent is the Xbox Kinect which also allows you to use interactive games damaging all the extra controllers. The Kinect is geared towards a younger audience but subsequently on down the line people of all ages testament be using this just like with any other system.A few years back, society was able to blame technology and telecasting games for obesity rates being high because it contributed to their lack of physical activity. Now not so much because of all these wise advances in technology and new innovations in the gaming world. We should take control of what o nce was a negative situation and influence it into a positive.Meaning we should take advantage of the fact that these generations thrive off of technology and use it as a well to help them out. Even though it believably wouldnt be a hammy decrease in obesity, it can be a start to something great. This is only the showtime to what we can do with technology. Obesity is something that demand a combination of things to help the rate decline such as eating healthy along with the proper exercise. eating healthy is not as mild as it sounds for some people but if you add playing rumba for Wii or just dance for Xbox some people may take a liking to it.Later on down the line I believe that game developers will start focusing more and more on physical interactive video games and this can spark an increase in healthy lifestyle promotions. One mean solar day society will realize that technology and living healthy can go hand in hand with the just products and a little extra push.Refer encesSilverstone, S., & Teatum, J. (2011). Technology The Problem Or The Solution To Childhood Obesity. American Journal of Business Education, 4(1), 37. Retrieved April 6, 2011, from the ProQuest database.

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